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Orbital, condylar and coronal approaches – Internal fixation - Overview 1 Click to enlarge
IBRA Seminar and Workshop - basic

Orbital, condylar and coronal approaches – Internal fixation

Course fully booked
Date: March 23 – 25, 2017
Division: Head
Location: Besançon, France
Language: English
Participants: 30
Level: basic
Programm IBRA Seminar and Workshop Besançon 2017.pdf (1.75 MB)  Last update: 14.12.2016

Executive Committee
Chairmen: Prof. Dr. Christophe Meyer, Besançon, France
Prof. Dr. Dr. Andreas Neff, Marburg, Germany

Scientific Committee:
Prof. Dr. Dr. Johannes Kleinheinz, Münster, Germany
Prof. Dr. Olivier Trost, Rouen, France

Faculty (in alphabetical order)
PD Dr. Dr. Christian Freudlsperger, Heidelberg, Germany
Dr. Dr. Philippe Jürgens, Basel, Switzerland
Dr Aurélien Louvrier, Besançon, France
Prof. Dr. Dr. Paolo Scolozzi, Geneva, Switzerland
Prof. Dr. Sylvie Testelin, Amiens, France
Dr. Elise Weber, Besançon, France

Meeting Venue
Anatomical Laboratory of the Medical Faculty of Besançon, France
20, rue Ambroise Paré 25030, Besançon cedex

Registration Fees
IBRA Member EUR 530
Non Member EUR 700
Residents EUR 590 (Letter of acknowledgement required upon registration)
Social Dinner: EUR 50 / person

Rooms at the hotel De Paris can be booked directly:

Hotel de Paris
33 rue des Granges
0033 3 81 81 36 56

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