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The aim of the IBRA Research & Education Committees is to provide an international platform reaching across geographic and cultural borders, for exchange of expertise and up-to-date knowledge, with emphasis on promotion of individual academic and professional careers. The Research & Education Committees are responsible for the planning, financing, and realization of all of the organization’s educational activities. The Committees meet two times a year to develop strategies for supporting academic fellowships and clinical training through its various scholarship programs, and to organize scientific and clinical courses in bone research and related clinical fields. The members of the committees make every effort to identify existing needs for education in this field, and also to evaluate the content and quality of each educational project.



The IBRA Research & Education Committee Head consists of the following members:

Andreas M. Neff, Marburg, Germany (Chairman)
Oliver Ploder, Feldkirch, Austria
Klaus Breuer, Basel, Switzerland (Representative Medartis)

A. Neff

O. Ploder

K. Breuer

The IBRA Research & Education Committee Limbs consists of the following members:

Rainer Meffert, Würzburg, Germany (Chairman)
Jörg Grünert, St. Gallen, Switzerland
Christoph Pezzei, Vienna, Austria
Lars Peter Müller, Cologne, Germany
Klaus Breuer, Basel, Switzerland (Representative Medartis)


R. Meffert

J. Grünert

C. Pezzei

L. P. Müller

K. Breuer

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